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Riffi Body & Shoulder (727)
massage& peeling-strap intensive, 2-sides classic massage fiber & exfoliation fiber
Price: $18.95

Detailed Description

The riffi 2-sides offers a unique interplay between coarse fiber for skincare or massage and soft fiber that indulges the skin after treatment. Skin structures and individual sensitivities differ from person to person, which is why the riffi 2-sides is suitable both for the seasoned massage user and for sensitive skin. A 2-sided product can offer two different effects at a flick of the wrist: The coarse side massages and is ideal for exfoliating the body. A massage stimulates body circulation and activates the connective tissue. The first effect: by activating the connective tissue, a massage can have a detoxifying effect and, combined with a diet, can help with weight loss, too. The deep pore cleansing effect promotes smooth, clear skin. The softer side grooms the skin after treatment and removes dead skin. The second effect: this soft side promotes relaxation and brightens the complexion. riffi also has products suitable for mid-strength massages allowing low-level tension to be worked on. The riffi medium- range products are gentler and are also suitable for massage novices. The various fibers used are either hygienic massage & exfoliation fibers or natural fiber for a gentle, natural body care
GTIN: 4009782007272
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